Posted by: chooseorganic | January 31, 2008

Choose Raw Food For A Better Future

Eating a Raw Food Diet has a majority of remarkable health benefits. Not only is it one of the healthiest diets a human can consume, it’s good to our earth and its precious ecosystems. Choosing to Raw means you are choosing to eat what the Earth has provided us with.

When you consume uncooked, unprocessed Raw Food in its pure state you are benefiting from all of that particular food nutrients possible because of several factors. Raw Food contains things called “Enzymes”. These Enzymes are simply chemical reactions that help digest our food. When food is cooked above 116 degrees Fahrenheit these enzymes begin to break down. When enzymes are exposed to heat their functions becomes impaired and eventually destroyed. When all enzymes are destroyed food becomes lifeless. What happens to a body when it’s constantly being fed dead, lifeless food? Disorders begin to surface. The body cannot function to its full potential without enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense, live-food.

Enzymes are very important as they add in the digestion and absorption of your food enabling your body the chance to repair, build cells and defend against infections and viruses.

Eat raw reduces the amount of chemicals, toxins, and pollution to the Earth’s atmosphere, creatures, and soil. You are choosing to eat Organic Raw food which means your one less person to promote animal cruelty by being Vegan. Among this because you eat Organic your one less person to promote soil and air pollution. When you choose Organic, Raw food you are removing yourself as chain in the “link” of societies bad habits. You are choosing a better future.

Source: – Modified with permission


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